24 June 2014

Taylor Swift Live

Its been like 2 years since my last post and it was only befitting to post a follow up from that Taylor Swift dream I had.


I saw her.

LIVE IN MALAYSIA for her Asia Red Tour on June 11 2014

Dreams do come true :P

04 November 2012

4/11 Dream

I met Taylor Swift. Went to her concert and went gogo-gaga over her. I even had her CD's for her to sign on it. CDs of which some are not hers XD I crept up to the stage area and when she was singing she signed it. It was held in some cold area like Genting. So after the show I went to the stage to try to get more autographs. 

Saw my friends lining up and wished for them to give me a space. I know, I know cutting the queue. Saw her getting ready to leave but I was actually crying and begging her to stay =.="

Unfortunately she left and I was devastated.

Apparently we were with a tour. It was dinner time and we walked around looking for food. We found a place that was serving BKT and ordered. What came to us was not BKT. It was meat made of foam and fabric and threads. We complained and the person said it was like that.

Who eats fabric and foam man?

So while we were walking back the tour guide grabbed my hand and didn't let go of me. He told me to wait at specifically this time and place. I told him to let go while he hold on to me tighter. I struggled and screamed at him, yelling "If you don't let  me go, I swear I'm gonna scream rapist (or something like that) He reluctantly let me go and told me that I was bugged so I will not be able to run away.

I woke up and realized the person that I needed most, did not do anything.

Le sigh.

Another nightmare. :(

22 November 2011

What Makes : Us x 3

Joshua has been offering his photography services for the past 2 years after a "life-changing" moment of his life. So far its been all good since he's conformation booking for wedding photography for every month at least!

So he plurk this one day : Offering free couple shots for Valentine's Day

Heck, if its free, why not?

(:P anyway not really getting married also, so dun see the sense in spending so much on it, better yet if its free!)

Then he asked me this question :
I want to know what kind of things / attributes / characteristics that defines you, Alex, the both of you & the relationship.

It would usually be questions which i ask clients who want to get an identity job done for their company. So when he throws back the question back to me, i gotta start thinking already :P

I guess I'm always a happy-go-lucky girl. The slightest of jokes makes me laugh, loud. :P I guess it wouldnt be me if i'd just sudenly say i wasn't hungry (unless i'm sick) or a helpless romantic. Can't help it i guess, all those shoujos and korean dramas really took a toll on my upbringing (har har) I believe in karma, what comes around, goes around.

I've always believed that in a relationship, its always a 2 way form of communication. And to understand that communication is crucial. Else you'd just get misunderstandings all along the road.

When i first started with Alex, i seriously didnt know how/who/what he is.

Its after my 1st meeting with him (and Josh, hur hur, didnt forget you la) i find him super fun to be with, the jokes he crack, the crazy expressions XD (As i'm typing this i'm smiling like an idiot :P)

So after a few dates, we finally become a couple, not without my "enthusiasm" to literally PUSH him to ask me to be his girl. :P I guess i can say i'm more of the planner (or is it pusher?) in the relationship. Every step i take, it was to make both of us happy :)

From planning trips, to what to eat (cuz i'm so picky with my food XD) i'll be the one to initiate it and having Alex to back me up. That's what i love about him, he's just so supportive in whatever i do. Of course there is the occasionally sarcasm when i do/say something stupid and he'd just call me a "kedongdong". XD (Virtually smacks him... :P)

As we're still learning about each other (yes i do believe it's a process that never stops) he give me surprises of secret hidden messages. Usually getting them during our month-niversary :P I guess its something for me to keep, to know that he's always thinking of me, whether we meet or not.

I just love the way we are together. How he takes care of me when we're out, making fun of me and giving into my cravings. Also that puts him the sensible one. This is to prevent me from going broke within 2 weeks of my pay by eating whatever i want XD

Alex is a quiet person actually. If you've noticed in most meetings (non-MH related) he'll just sit down there and just wait for a punchline to come in and we'll all burst out laughing after that XD I just love that when it happens.

I love it when we talk, we're able to, in-a-way, know what the other is going to say and will just burst out laughing :P There was once where "Falling For You" was played ALL THE FRAEKING time when i'm in his car! He even suspected i bribe the radio channels, the chinese ones are not spared LOL. Talking to each other in the morning, afternoon, evening and night somehow doesnt feel its ever enough.

Just listening to his voice just soothes me to sleep :P:P

I'm not sure whether I've answered the question, but i hope it does help Joshua get an idea of how he wants the pictures to be :P (hint : vintage and/or colourful!)

I'll save this as draft first till Joshua delivers the pictures. :P

Josh DID deliver the pictures, errrr... a few months back and I only realized that I haven't posted it up yet...LOL but I just noticed that I've already posted up one which i love the most!

But the main reason for me posting this up is that... its our 3rd year anniversary :)

I know I've been missing out on a LOT of monthniversary but I guess its only fair that the anniversary plays an important role :)

So after having loads of fun for this 2 days...

Happy 3rd Anniversary Alex!

19 November 2011

12 July 2011

I came. I saw. I Conquered

All I can say is...

More details of the climb would be up soon.
Waiting for the pictures from Alex :P

06 July 2011

T minus 24 hours...

Its finally happening, my trip to KK!!!
Would be taking the flight up at 6am tomorrow and my journey begins...

I pray for everyone to reach to the top, in tip top condition (har har) and be safe!

See whether can I blog from the summit a not XDXD

12 June 2011

How I spent my 'graping' days.

Note : Graping = menggangur.

Finally, the day has come.

My last day of being... unemployed T_T.
Wished it would last longer... so many things to do la, so little time :(

Basically how i spent it?

Mostly on training to go to that darn KK =.=

Had a quick weekend to Malacca (I really enjoy it Alex ;))
Met up with the Queen of Selangor aka Sotong Yuri aka Jackie :P
Got my Oishinbo book! *weeeee~*
Supposed to go swimming but end up having to boil red bean soup =.="
Sang karaoke (finally!) and watched Super 8 which was super nice :D
Went up to Batu Caves, went 2 rounds of going up n down (i still think its not enough... )
Went shopping for books AND spending my last graping days with Alex.

Some more got present from him *ohohohohoho*

I guess, all's well ends well. :D

Now... let the gan-chiongness of my new job begin... at 8am tml!